Note to Gibbs

We operate under the illusion that our dogs and cats will be our lifelong friends. Reality is that we are given the choice and honor of being their lifelong friends although I choose to believe there will be a reuniting one day. It is a fearful thing to love what death can touch. At times reality bites.

Nubble had been my canine buddy from the days before I saw myself as an author. Together since he was two months old from a rescue shelter, you may have read the stories of my adventures with this Aussie Cattle Herder / Border mix. Then before eleven years, it suddenly became time to make a most dreaded decision and he was gone. I had a huge hole in my heart.

It was a year and a half before, with loving coaxing from friends that I returned home with a puppy. I went to check out another rescue, an Aussie Herder and I sat there pondering if I could provide him a good home. With him on my lap, I said aloud that if we went through with the adoption that I promised I would never compare him to Nubble but that he’d probably hear his name a lot. Now how I chose the namesake Gibbs for him is a whole other story. But once home, I took a Post-it note and wrote my commitment placing it on the ‘fridge. “NOTE TO GIBBS: I promise I will never compare you to Nubble, but you will probably hear his name a lot.”

I admit to being surprised to discover almost 200 messages inquiring as to if I had come home with a puppy. So, I posted this note on Facebook and my blog, announcing the arrival of my new four-legged friend. And…so it began.

This posting of notes turned into daily observations of first-time moments that cover the gamut of humorous, serious, and insightful. The notes became so popular, I began to get calls and messages from around the country about the impact that NOTE TO GIBBS had on individuals and even their families. Because of this, we are raising funds through Kickstarter to make NOTE TO GIBBS into a series of books combining these notes with cartoons to address such subjects as; love, friendship, education, challenges, and raising a puppy.

Kickstarter funds will be used to cover the costs of cartooning, typesetting, printing, publishing, distribution, marketing, and publicity. NOTE TO GIBBS may expand into merchandise, such as: note cards, calendars, magnets, stuffed animals, and more. Gibbs is going through training so he can, as Nubble did, visit children in hospitals although we are moving it up a notch. We will also be visiting kids in hospice and service people who have lost limbs. Gibbs’ best-friend Bijou who is a fully trained therapy dog and appears in NOTE TO GIBBS, will often join on these visits. I want to be able to gift these brave souls in facilities a copy of NOTE TO GIBBS.

Our estimated book release date is Valentine’s Day 2014 and pre-sales will begin December 2013, through social media directed to my website. There are also a number of bookstores, pet stores, and other retail outlets that have already discussed personal appearances, speaking engagements, and book signings when the book is released.

I know I am going to get my heart broken again but hopefully not for quite a few years. Meantime I want to fill this little guy’s heart with as much love as I can. I hope you let us share some of that with you.

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