Free the Puddles

Love may not be enough to save a marriage although after eight years, others would assume that Brian and Allison have it all. A flourishing business, stunning home, dog, cat, an amazing little boy, and yet they don’t know why they failed as they head for a “friendly divorce.”

To some their five-year old son Benny is a precocious child, well versed in good manners and alert to stranger-danger. A few see him as an old soul, and his dog too for that matter.

As the storm clouds of divorce loom on the horizon, two men leave the dry heat of Arizona to deliver a vintage ’65 Mustang from The Barrett-Jackson Car Auction. Traversing what remains of Route-66, they pass through the cool rains of Hinsdale, Illinois. Having some time on their hands, they accept temporary work with the family’s remodeling company.

Fiction crosses paths with reality when some famous people enter the scenario as lessons of life are woven into this story laced with romance, mystery, laughter, tears, and the general puzzle of life.
Some follow the path of least resistance. Fewer know of The Ancient Teachings or have any idea of linear versus circular thinking. We often find we talk better with strangers than with people we know, and sometimes that’s when the adventure begins.

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