Praise for Pierre’s Writing

Dave Pratt

Dave Pratt

Talk-Show Host
Behind the Mic

“This author is one of the most intriguing people to bless my 30 year media career. His writings always manage to stir me deep within, and I have been one of many waiting for him to jump to novels. To answer the age old question, Who would you choose for company while driving across the country? My answer would be Pierre O’ Rourke.”

Rita Davenport

Rita Davenport

Making Time, Making Money
Former President of Arbonne International

“Pierre is a consummate story teller, verbally and with a pen. I have been a fan of his columns with their hidden insights and am so glad he has finally turned to novels. In the vein of legendary Og Mandino, he entertains while drawing the reader in – whether a comedy or mystery, allowing them to enhance their essence by the time they reach The End.”

Pat Boone

Pat Boone

Number Ten All-Time Top Recording Artist
“Love Letters in the Sand”

“Pierre needs no endorsement because his writing speaks for itself. Anybody who has done as much writing as I have, even nonprofessionally, can recognize quality when he sees it. I see in Pierre that ability to take personal anecdotes and make them breathe with reality for readers who don’t know the people Pierre is describing or identifying with events. In other words, they’re interesting, readable, and captivating.”

Susan Alcott Jardine

Susan Alcott Jardine

Owner/Artist of Green Door Editions
Author – The Channel: Stories From L.A.

“Pierre O’Rourke writes like Og Mandino’s kid brother. His heartwarming Free the Puddles takes us on a classic Odyssey, when two travelling strangers enter the world of a young family, leaving their world changed for the better. Laced with metaphysical wisdom, a little bit of magic and endearing characters, how could you not love a boy and his dog? Enjoy the journey.”

Gary PuckettThe Union Gap

Gary Puckett

Singer/Song Writer
“Young Girl”
“Lady Will Power”
Formerly of The Union Gap

“Thoughtful, humorous, engaging, observant, sensitive, and well spoken, Pierre is an excellent storyteller and writer!”

Johny Cash

Johnny Cash

Singer/Song Writer/Actor
“Folsom Prison Blues”
The Man in Black

“Pierre’s books will go in my library in Hendersonville right next to those of Og Mandino.”

Robert and Joan Parker

Mrs. Robert (Joan) Parker

The ‘Spenser for Hire’ Novels & TV series
The ‘Jesse Stone’ Novels & TV Movies
The ‘Sunny Randall’ Novels
The ‘Virgil Cole’ Western Novels & Appaloosa Movie

“I really enjoy Pierre’s pieces. I love that in each one he has something to say—simple but working on many levels—profound and poignant, moving and muscular.”