I am often asked what kinds of writing I've done. For my web site I have broken it simply into Columns, Tributes, and Short Stories.

Tributes and memorials seem to go hand-in-hand. When I have been invited to deliver them verbally, as with my writing; I offer them in the flavor of a wake and share what of that person's life made me a better Being. In my site I have chosen to give the tributes their own respectful place separate from columns and short stories although these have appeared in various media. Speaking quite frankly, at times I hesitate to write such tributes because I never want to appear as if I'm bragging about the people I know. But I believe it would be selfish not to share the blessings I was given in time spent with them. Though blessed to be acquainted with great people, if they are famous that is secondary. While some of these tributes are for people seen as super stars, best-selling authors, or celebrities, they are generally the first to admit they are just people. They shared their time with me so I feel indebted to share some of their essence with others.