Short Stories

I am often asked what kinds of writing I've done. For my web site I have broken it simply into Columns, Tributes, and Short Stories.

The majority of my short stories are nonfiction. In fact, many of the scenarios in my novels are factually based. A shared truism with Will Rogers was his comment that he couldn't make this stuff up. Like most people, especially in their earlier years, I assumed that my life wasn't much different from others . A case in point, I once thought that all mothers were former Marines, all fathers drank, and all boys were bullied and beat up. Fortunately, the humor of Jonathan Winters, Bill Cosby, and The Smothers Brothers were there to serve as buoys in my little life's ocean.

Many of my short stories feature my dog Nubble who rescued me from the pound, providing me with anecdotes of defrocking a Buddhist monk, pilfering a man's toupee, and rescuing some newborn kittens.

Still other little stories are parables dealing with some of the unique people whose circle I have stumbled into, or more somber issues such as watching the downward spiral of someone's life.

My life is blessed, my life is quirky. Here are some pieces if you want to peek at them. Fasten your seatbelts.