Nubble made such an impact in my life and in those of others, the Cattle Herder mix will live on. He came into my life the week I finally succumbed to getting a cell phone and was by my side as I took the leap from occasional penman to author. In his ten years of health he appeared in numerous magazine articles and a couple of book anthologies including The Ultimate Dog Lover from which he gained quite the following. He made kids forget what was ailing them. He stars in some children’s books which are finally nearing completion. He continues to live on as the side-kick to "Daro" in my novels Free the Puddles and the upcoming Driving Me Crazy. He even has a line of greeting cards soon to be released. And all of the stories with pictures through the ages, even of him hamming it up with celebrities, will remain on my website.

There is not room to share all that Nubble meant to me, share in his antics, the lessons we both experienced. He lay long hours in my Word Corner allowing me to bounce ideas off him, befriended a one-legged pigeon I named "Eileen," rescued three feral cats from a stove-top exhaust and tamed them, herded numerous dogs when they escaped from families, corralled a car thief, turned a man’s toupee into a toss toy, stopped kids from stepping off curbs, allowed the most ridiculous and often precious pictures, swam so much he almost grew gills, never met a Frisbee or ball he didn't like, had a best-friend named Bijou, had Molly and Lily as girl-friends, went me with to a cabin for my birthday treks, and let me know when it was time to take our last walk. There are four short-stories recently added to my website that tell of “what happened” to bring Nubble's life to an early end, and the blessings and humor that he continued to send my way. The pup that came into my life a year-and-a-half after Nubble's passing has a large black spot on his side and we have come to believe it is Nubble's paw print from his picking him out for God to send me. May be silly but it's what I choose to believe.

Photos of Nubble

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