Tributes | Short Stories

I am often asked what kinds of writing I've done. Some folks smugly ask if I got paid for any of them. Looking back, it covers quite a range.

I've been paid to write columns, tributes, restaurant and movie critiques, slogans and mottos, magazines articles, dialogues, evaluation and efficiency reports, speeches of all kinds, stage reviews, comedy, biographies, titles, record and CD jackets, productivity analyses, commercials, song lyrics, romance, press releases, introductions, poetry, greeting cards, preludes, prologues, instruction manuals, descriptive diagrams, obituaries, ad campaigns, screen writing, script-sweetening, ghost writing, investigative reporting, proofreading, short stories, editing, media of every kind, and novels. For my web site I have broken it simply into Columns, Tributes, and Short Stories.

I'm also available for free-lance writing, whether solo or as a team member. I can take someone's thoughts and transform them into words, keeping their personality. Writing for publications has honed my abilities to complete projects and assignments ahead of schedule. So, here is a sampling from some of my past columns and other of my scribblings that have appeared in varied places. Hope you enjoy!

Pierre O'Rourke and Daughter

The Gift of Meth

Similar to Steve Allen’s famed “A Letter to My Son,” this was my coming-to-grips with the fact that I might lose my daughter to drugs permanently.