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Dog Gone! The Fire Hydrant-way to Heaven

God has finally lost patience with the inhabitants of earth. He is on the verge of destroying it when his best friend, Shadow, begs to remind Him that there is still Love on earth. However, the Creator says it is not enough to love, one must love responsibly. In an attempt to delay another big bang or worldwide flood, Shadow convinces God to send his best friend to earth to sniff around.

God’s best friend, Shadow, is a fourteen-and-a-half year old Dog Gone, a.k.a. Dog Angel, now sent to earth to teach humankind and animal-kind the responsibilities of love. Truly, it is not enough to love, one must love responsibly. His method of message gets others to confront their own shadows. “If you have a dog that is good at catching a ball but chews up shoes and you only focus on playing ball with him, you’re going to have to buy a lot of new shoes.”

Meet Rebel, the unlicensed cattle dog pondering his fate in the pound. Meet Spot, the puppy who is angry he wasn’t born a lion. Meet Slippers, adviser to a famed author. Meet Chester, a three-legged baseball outfielder. Meet Buddy, a rescue dog before heaven and earth collapses on him. Meet Pete, the military sniper who can love a team, but not love individually. Meet Elizabeth after her dog gives up his life for her. Meet Stu who adopts his grandpa’s old, unwanted dog. Meet Dis, an intelligent boy, trapped in a special-needs body.

To paraphrase the legendary Johnny Cash: “Dog Gone! is not a children’s book. It is not a book geared just for dog lovers. It is a book for anyone with the courage to look at their own Shadows . . . or just wants to be entertained.”

Driving Me Crazy

Daro Brónach does not tend a desk well and earns his living with his hand in a few pies. He is a columnist who has gained local notoriety through some exposés he has written. He assists book publicists with their authors when they travel through Arizona on book tours. And his main job is producing charitable fundraising events, enlisting major celebrities to attend and appear.

Vittore Marco Milana, the alleged heir to serve as head of the Mafia, is being driven on his media tour to promote his autobiography and an upcoming film. When the Godfather is kidnapped, Daro is mistaken as his bodyguard and mob member.

Daro manages to escape, but as the last person known to have seen the Don, he is already implicated in the kidnapping. The heat is turned up by circumstantial evidence and the one-million dollar Dead-or-Alive bounty placed on his head by the Milana Family. Unable to turn to his local friends, media contacts, or law enforcement agencies for help, he designs a colorful sting, enlisting some of his Hollywood friends in order to clear his own name.