Arranging Words

For a writer and an author, one who takes that on as their livelihood – the support I have been receiving since my commitment to consciously be blogging a few times per week has really hugged my soul and encouraged me in several manners. This is even more due to set-backs on book releases due to my work as Director of the Wallace and Ladmo Foundation.

Basically I take words that most of us use daily, and arrange them in a fashion which seems to be appreciated by folks. The average person commands 20 to 35,000 words. I guesstimate I may have a handle on about 22,000 words as I figure most are better equipped than me in vocabulary although I strive to learn – often much thanks to Bette Mandino and to Pat McMahon. It is not that I am slow, I just am blessed to surround myself with people I view as “above me,” that I look up to and humbly figure most are sharper than me.

Kids by the age of 5 have a vocabulary of approximately 4,000 words and by 8 years of age around 10,000. Readers of fiction normally test higher in vocabulary than those that only read non-fiction. For those knowing my love of dogs, they average 165 human words but can learn far greater.

So I am just a simple writer, one that strives to be open to observation more than many and hence it lends to the experiences that I share. Most of my experiences are available to anyone….I just choose to be aware of them, often things that lend to me being a teller of stories. I take the same words you have in your hands and simply arrange them in some sort of sequence to communicate that some readers seem to enjoy. And my thanks to those that appreciate my effort. My thanks to those especially these last couple of weeks for your comments with encouragement.

May your images in your dreams be arranged to please you and sooth you. G’night!