Troubled Waters Distort the Moon

Towards the end of the day, the surface of Lake Sharon at Cherry Creek Lodge is generally still and reflects the moon perfectly. When the dogs chase the crawfish or pull at the cat-tails, the water becomes troubled and the ripples distort so the moon appears as many.

Over the weekend, I posted a comment to make me think as much as anyone. Casually I questioned how many could go three days without commenting on anything political; asking that of myself as much as anyone out there. Wondering if I could hear something that does not ring in my core – yet simply practice reticence and not act upon the need to speak back, keep any judgements to myself…. for three days.

Not a dare or a challenge when I offered the thought. Not a gauntlet I was tossing down. Nothing judgmental. No taunt or provocation as many suggested. And it was neither endorsing, condoning, or even ridiculing an elected official or a political party. Just a thought shared consciously.

I became aware of how much communication and discussion is happening by people, me included, in an automatic type response rather than a conscious reply. Listening perhaps but only listening for a break in their sentence…. often replying without paying attention. That auto-response becoming more and more of an antagonistic or a defensive nature. My guess is the catalyst is the current unrest created in most everyone’s camps since September.

Not a political stance but associated to politics when I admit I am more concerned that citizens and friends, friends that know each other in ways more than Facebook even – seem to be failing to speak in civil fashion. Far more concerned by that, than the fact that I am greatly troubled by many of our elected leaders.

Maybe it’s an unconscious behavior but I am seeing it around me in daily life, seeping like a cancer into non-political discussions. Assisting on book edits, work with a not-for-profit group, dinner parties, varied business dealings, and even in my comment that I didn’t like the last two “Star Wars” movies. What worries me more is that I feel myself stumbling into the same mistake – so I am not just pointing fingers outwardly here. I am not even accusing anyone, I am just sharing my observations and feelings — something that until recently was a much safer zone for all.

“No political discussions and especially no replies for three days,” I pondered as a pouring forth came of judgements and even a few accusations. Several did get my drift but more did not. I am not seeking to scurry down a rabbit hole nor hide my head in the sand. Nor am I looking to paint myself into a corner of surreal images and beliefs. But I feel like someone has an old-time radio turned way too loud while someone else is spinning the dial. Or if I draw a visual image, I’m in a car speeding so fast that I cannot read the street signs let alone hope to make a turn without devastating results.

When we fling rocks into the pond, the ripples and waves make it hard to see what’s in the water below or catch the reflection of the moon above. Stop throwing the rocks for a bit and the waters become smooth and transparent, the lake becomes a mirror offering us the moon in perfect detail.

I reflect back in my mind, wondering if any of my politically charged comments or replies made any difference these last two months. Positive differences I seek, not to be fuel upon the bonfire of antagonism. I can convince myself to justify that my replies needed to be said. That they deserved to be presented. But perhaps many were hurled by a barbed tongue – hard to tell because unconscious behavior is seldom remembered clearly. I am far from entertaining the idea of muzzling myself but my words, our words are our wands. I want mine used with less malice and less defense – and of late I feel myself losing that trait.

Not a challenge, not a brag as I share this action that I am taking a full three days to be discussion free of politics. I will keep my ears open, my head not in the sand, but I am forgoing the need to speak of politics and stepping away for three days “of politics” and from enabling others to talk or throw politics at me. I am not expecting to reach some kind of assertive epiphany to resolve all these issues which has us so stirred, merely allow the waters to settle in an effort to be in clearer communication with my head, heart and soul – to be still so that if God or the Universe is offering me direction that I can hear Them. Look to see what the man in my mirror can do.

All I humbly ask of you is that you respect my request. My Facebook page is my page. It already is pretty much a political free zone so I ask you to honor that request of not politics to me especially for these three days.