Welcome to the online home of Pierre O’Rourke!

Pierre’s love of words began during his junior year of high school when he was recruited for the tedious job of maintaining the school marquee. Frustrated at the futility of changing a sign that no one ever read, he began adding his own thoughts to one side of the double-sided marquee. During a rough football season passersby spied, “COME TO THE GAME AT ARCADIA HIGH AND SEE THE BAND PLAY.” Folks never knew what to expect from day to say making the sign a hit. It was often censored while gaining him notoriety, and even made the national papers on more than one occasion. “Mischievous but not malicious” reported the police, as his mother explained, “The boy has a lot to say.”

When he was elected Student Body President the following year, the Journalism Department offered him a column entitled, “I Am the President” in the student newspaper. His humorous musings became the honey to attract the ire of the establishment on and off campus while drawing attention to life at Coronado High.

Whether doing cartoons, fighting forest fires, playing bit parts in movies, or even being a maître d’, writing and public speaking always seemed to find their way into Pierre’s work as he wandered and wondered what to be when he grew up. His path slowly came into focus as he built a business producing charitable celebrity fund-raisers and created a side-line as a publicity host to authors and celebrities on book tours.

Authors such as Lee Child, Robert Parker, Lisa Gardner, and varied celebrities with whom he worked over the years, urged Pierre to begin writing his own books. He often marvels at how blessed he was to have such candles illuminating his path.

Pierre can often be found writing in on patios and at counter tops, habitually with his furry pal Gibbs. Neither of them have plans of growing up anytime soon.

Pierre and Gibbs